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Classiness makes the difference

Address: 41 Le Thi Hong Gam Street, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1
Hotline: 0941.012.041

Reality clip about our facilities and technicians. Dubai Luxury Massage is considered as the King of massage for male in District 1 Saigon

For a long time, Dubai - one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) - has been famous all over the world as one of the most wealthy and luxurious countries with great architecture, crowded commercial center, skyscrapers, and luxurious 7-star hotel ...

Therefore, DUBAI LUXURY MASSAGE wishes to bring our dear customers a LUXURY – CLASSY experience like a king, staying true to the name of Dubai right in the heart of Saigon. DUBAI LUXURY MASSAGE was born and officially opened at 41 Le Thi Hong Gam, District 1 on July 20, 2019

Surely you all know that Dubai is a city in the heart of the Arabian desert with hot climate almost all year round. When coming to DUBAI LUXURY MASSAGE you will also feel the equal heat but from our beautiful technicians, the enthusiasm of the whole staff and the pleasure from DUBAI LUXURY MASSAGE's services.

DUBAI LUXURY MASSAGE is located at the bustling street of Le Thi Hong Gam in the center of District 1, just a 5-minute walk from Ben Thanh Market and Bui Vien Street, with full of entertainment places, restaurants, hotels around,…. This will help customers be able to easily and conveniently move around as well as choosing places to have fun.

Especially with our luxurious and spacious rooms, DUBAI LUXURY MASSAGE can offer full appropriate service when you need to welcome guests, tour groups and friends going in groups, ...

Classiness makes the difference
Address: 41 Le Thi Hong Gam Street, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1

*** OPERATING HOURS: currently due to being recently opened, DUBAI LUXURY MASSAGE operates compactly from 10am to 3am

*** SERVICES AT DUBAI LUXURY MASSAGE: coming to Dubai, our dear customers will enjoy the best massage and health care methods to help you recover from tired working days. At the same time, we combine the diversity in our services to help customers enjoy the enlighten, relaxing moments from Vietnam to Thailand to Dubai.

- Regarding health care, there will be wet and dry sauna, hot stone massage, herbal pouch, facial and cleansing masks. Eating and drinking are also essential health services. Furthermore, depending on which service you choose, the corresponding items will be free.

- The pleasure part also includes many pleasure packages so that you can have many choices to suit your needs.
* VIP 1: 500k VND including wet sauna, hot stone massage, herbal pouch, body massage and thai massage

(free: mineral water, fruit, egg noodle) - duration 90 minutes

* ONSEN DUBAI PACKAGE: 900k VND including dry and wet sauna, hot stone massage, herbal pouch, body massage, Thai massage, onsen massage, you can choose to relax with 1 of 2 new services "ICE" or "FIRE" for further pleasure

(free: mineral water, Redbull, O Long Tea, fruit, egg noodle) - duration 110 minutes

* ONSEN DUBAI PACKAGE 2: 1200k VND including wet and dry sauna, hot stone massage, herbal pouch, body massage, thai massage, onsen massage, you will enjoy the pleasure with a new service, flying on the top of the cool snowy mountain with "ICE" and then experience the warmth of the hot springs winding around the volcanoes with "FIRE". This guaranties to help you relax after a tiring day at work by the newest levels of pleasure.

(free: mineral water, Redbull, O Long Tea, fruit, egg noodle) - duration 120 minutes

* ROYAL VIP PACKAGE: 1800k VND duration 120 minutes - wet and dry sauna, hot stone massage, herbal pouch, body massage, thai massage, onsen massage with 2 technicians at the same time. You will have the feeling like being lost in heavenly realm, playing with both technicians in the warm water. In addition, you will experience the feeling of "THE DUET OF FIRE AND ICE": 1 "ICE" fairy and 1 "FIRE" goddess will put you through the various pleasure in the way to 18 levels of cloud.

(free: mineral water, Redbull, O Long Tea, fruit, egg noodle) - duration 120 minutes

Here, DUBAI LUXURY Massage would like to introduce you to the place where you will experience the HOT services at our facility.

Rooms at DUBAI LUXURY Massage are refined and sophisticated designed and but no less luxurious in accordance with Dubai style with yellow as the main color. The yellow color, combining with motifs and patterns of its own style will highlight the luxurious sophistication of the establishment. Of course, when coming to DUBAI LUXURY, even the chair is also the difference, the chair must also be the King chair.

Our rooms are spacious but cozy and close to nature. Luxurious, comfortable and fully furnished interior will give customers the best services, the best relaxing experiences after stressful working hours.

Coming to DUBAI Massage, you will experience the best health care services. Our beautiful and high-skilled technicians with dedicated and professional service style will give customers moments of relaxing and pleasure like an Arab king.

The equipment in Dubai Massage is all in typical golden style of Dubai​

At the heart of bustling Saigon, the pressure of work and life are inevitable. Understanding that, DUBAI LUXURY Massage offers relaxing massage therapy to help customers eliminating all pressure and re-creating their energy after tired working days. Moreover, DUBAI LUXURY Massage will be a place where you can relax with professional and beautiful technicians. Come to DUBAI LUXURY Massage to enjoy life from July 20, gentlemen.

Special: You can choose health-promoting herbs for sauna (Fresh lemongrass, Chinese medicine, Cinnamon)
Special Promotion

When you use the code from CamaPro or calling Hotline 088.888.2663 you will get the following promotion​

DISCOUNT 100k directly on the ticket price
Dear customer who has the needs to get code from the CaMaPro app can:

+ Download the app CaMaPro (on both platform Android and iOS)

Download Android App:

Donwload iOS app:

Massage Dubai Luxury with beautiful and young technicians enthusiastically welcome dear customers
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